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Oct 1, 2010


It is that time of year in the McGinty house.
 Halloween is Tim's favorite holiday and the house is transforming into a house of horrors. Tim has wall papered the living room with a lovely skull and bone pattern, accented with red eyed gauze draped ghouls. A lovely fog rolls in every evening at dusk as the chain rattling chants bellow from the vents. If it weren't for the florescent black bulbs we would be living in total darkness.

Just think only a month left to pull it all together  

  Yes, those are what is left of Karrick's real teeth

 This hottie greeted my with a shallow "what's up little lady?"

 Mom always said "beware of the middle child"

Toothless and headless

These 2 stunning pieces of art are my contribution to "Our house of horrors"
After Karrick exclaimed "those are just gonna RUIN EVERYTHING" I painted a large black mouth, red eyes and nasty eyebrows over the cute happy face on Mr Skeleton. Still not up to Bella La Karrick's standards as he suggested "pointy red teeth with just one on the bottom with blood dripping off would be super scary"

I think this is just the tip of the iceberg as I heard Tim mention something about the roof and flying things...

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