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Oct 10, 2010

A day out with Tim and Karrick

 Today we took Karrick to Sunny Acre Farm in West Chicago. I am just loving this weather and my tan is back! Not often does Karrick get 100% of our attention, but today he did. We went on rides, ate and even took a tractor ride. I had a ball with the camera. The colors this year are spectacular...I hear it is because of all the rain we had 

 I love love love love this picture

 Tim and Karrick sat by the water while I snapped some tender daddy, little boy shots. I love that Tim has always been super affectionate with our kids, which I believe contributes to their kind sensitive dispositions

    We had an all around amazing weekend. Dinner Friday night, TJ's football game that started out with TJ making 2 incredible plays before spraining his ankle. Tim and I went back to Wheaton and hit the shops, Dupage Historical Museum and lunch

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Mel said...

Love the daddy/son shots. Precious!! I also love the proud mary photo!