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Oct 11, 2010

My baby broke himself....Ouch

 TJ had a great great week at practice, The B team went up against the A in practice and my TJ showed up that A team. The coaches (A&B) were all over him with praise and TJ was super excited for Saturday's game against Naperville North. 1st qtr, 3 play TJ catches a un-catchable throw for 1st down. 4th play of game TJ is handed the ball and starts running...look at pictures as they were snapped in Sport mode....which catches everything, snap snap, snap in a row

 He is on his way to score a touchdown

 I know we all love our kids and believe they are the best, BUT...check out this kids form after 2 months of playing football....2 months in his entire 14 years of life

 Click on it, click on the picture with the giant black arrow...Aarrgh!!! Did I really need to see that? For the love of God! some things a mother just doesn't need to see...damn ass camera. TJ tried to cut across and slipped on the grass
TJ tried to stay in, he tried for the next 2 plays but couldn't put any pressure on his foot. He sat on the bench for the remainder of the game...then his coach yelled at him "we needed you on offense" I honestly believe we could have won, had TJ not broke himself.

School is closed until Wednesday so he had 4 days to fix himself. He is much better and will try to practice tomorrow (tue is 1st practice since game)

The coaches A nad B are desperately trying to recruit TJ to wrestling. I guess it is phenomenal conditioning for football
because they want him for all 4 years of football. So far he has no interest

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