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Oct 3, 2010

Yo dude! they are only 6 freakin years old!

Yesterday was Karrick's 1st day of  "Park District flag football" for 6 year olds. What it actually was, was an 1:45 min intense training camp for future NFL players. Never saw a flag, kids that had a normal 6 year old attention span had to run laps. Offence and defensive plays were taught and ran though multiple times.
Above Karrick is playing Center...all 40 lbs of him plus the 38lb kid behind him were (now I'm only guessing) not close to the giant kid that (again just guessing) is probably 8 and large for his age, starring right at my Karrick. 

 Look closely at all these pictures, call me crazy, but it looks like contact football to me.
Karrick was a real trooper, somekids left the field while other started doing somersaults. When it was finally over, the coach called everyone over and said
 "Now, next week we have a lot to learn and I will be bringing the play book" .
"Did he just say play book?"  "we don't even have a play book" says my 14 year old high school football player
Supposedly, next week will be another practice then the group will be split into teams to play each other in flag football. It will turn into tackle after a few weeks. WOW!
I'm guessing we'll lose half the kids. Karrick liked it, didn't love it. I was very proud of him, he never said "Lets go, this blows" 
He finished the cold, endless practice more suited for 12 year olds.

#26 hands the ball off to TJ #42

Here are 2 shots from TJ's earlier game against Glenbard North in Carol Stream. Rumors are floating that TJ is being moved up to the A team...not real surprised as he now has 2 months of football experience under his 14 years of life, belt. The way TJ operates, he'll be on Varsity by sophomore year

 I was able to snap some beautiful fall foliage during Karrick's 6 year old flag football  boot camp

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