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Nov 4, 2011

artwork by karrick

 I never really posted any artwork of karrick's because he hated art. This year Karrick loves art, reading and writing....who is this kid? Check out his penmanship...huh huh ? Not only does he write neatly...he spells almost all his words correctly. He went from zero - 2 words written in his journal to full stories. From incomplete assignments to almost all 100%
The kid has done a complete 180....from the struggling kid that hated school to the happy go lucky kid that is pulled out for math (SMART KID MATH) He is in the top 1 percent  nationally in math and in the top 10% in reading. 
A combination of getting his tonsils and adenoids removed plus extra help from his school and an intense reading camp over the summer at Concordia University in River Forest

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