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Nov 27, 2011

family and Thanksgiving

 Tim's brother Mike and family came in from Colorado for the week. My niece Kristin and her fiance Jack came in from Boston. Jack is from England and they met at college in Boston. It was a great week and loads of fun. My sister in law Chris is the blond version of me. After the few months I've had it was great to just laugh. I set my timer on the camera to capture all of us...clearly I belong behind the camera. My right arm was injured (unable to move or use.. ridiculous pain) so I couldn't even do my hair or readjust my scrunchie. Below I prematurely started cheering at the success of the timed pictures (there are at least 4 more like it)

The rope swing on the hill was a huge hit

 Karrick and Fergie snuggling 

I tried super hard to get my other 2 nieces over for a total grandchildren picture but was not successful

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