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Dec 2, 2011

Gap Model... finally

So TJ's hair finally grew long enough for us to try the Gap model hair cut 
again. I had no idea where to go. so I asked my old neighbor Sam if she could cut it. We were all set for her to drive out Friday afternoon to give it a go. As my luck would have it, TJ got called Thursday to work on Friday afternoon. OMG, his hair had to be cut...BUT WHERE? I called Sam in a panic to come Thursday night...no go she was out of town.
Everything is laced with drama...all the damn time
Sam told me to call her friend Danielle...I did and she was available Thursday night. 
We walked in armed with 4 pictures, one view of each side. 45 minutes later TJ looked adorable! Danielle (with a little help here and there from a more experienced hairstylist) did a fantastic job!!! Everyone just gushed over TJ and we now have a new hairstylist !!!!

His poor head and eyes were killing him by the end, but he was a trooper.

Not sure if we are expecting a callback as TJ still has signs and symptoms from his brain injury. He feels he did pretty good , not great.  It was for a National AT &T commercial 
Either way TJ looks so freakin cute

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