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Dec 28, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is always spent at the McGinty Farm...wasn't the same without grandpa, but he was there in spirit. Christmas eve was  the 51 year anniversary of Dad McGinty asking Ma McGinty to marry him at midnight mass. Karrick has a way of lightening everyone's mood. Above he gave grandma a photo of himself  "I'm giving this picture of me to you because your grandpa (meaning husband) died and this way you'll never forget me"

 Callahan is growing up so fast I can't even believe it

This is what my TJ looks like when his brain shuts down...I color corrected the face, but you still get the idea by his eyes. After this shot he fell asleep on the floor. This entire holiday week his headache has increased which doesn't fill me with hope that he will be cleared to go back to school in January 

Skyped with the Colorado cousins 

After almost a year of dating it was time to step up the gift giving. Very tricky with 15/16 year olds. A fine line between what is appropriate and too much. I took TJ to Macy's at Oak Brook mall and he chose this beautiful Austrian Crystal heart pendant 

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