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Dec 26, 2011

our week leading into Christmas

last week Tim and I had a 1 bedroom suite on Michigan Ave and Huron. It was incredible, we had a corner room that look out onto Michigan and Superior. Of course we had to take our fun cheesy self-timer shots

We hit the mother load with the weather..warm(for Dec) and clear blue skies made for wonderful shopping and site seeing

Never heard of the store "All Saints" but boy oh boy is it cool. The clothes are great but way out of my price range. Jeans for $500, dresses $1200, shirts for newborns $48....amazing stuff though
A wall of old Singer sewing machines greet you as you enter the store

 With my telephoto lens I was able to capture the engraved statues on top of the sky scrapers

Dumb, Dumb, dumb!
What is this all about..Seriously?! A tacky Marilyn among the 100 year plus buildings?

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