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Dec 3, 2011

Christmas spirit

picture of Maple St Chapel from Lilacia park...no photshop used
Saturday was all about getting into the Christmas spirit...little rough this year. We started out atSanta's North pole shop at Karrick's school. To which I had to force Karrick to go to
as he has never been. This year I had to go (yearbook photgrapher duties)
Karrick: "I don't see why I should have to go just cause you do" "I can just color something for everyone that they can keep forever and besides it will save us money!"
Need I  mention coloring is not his forte?
The little stinker stomped into the big gym and his eyes got real big
"Wow, this looks kinda cool!" 
After 1 1/2 hrs of shopping for everyone on a $20 budget (he spent $26), eating free treats and running around with all his pals we headed out.
Then Karrick had a birthday party to go to. We topped off the evening by attending the lighting of the lights at Lilacia Park which were just stunning. They added millions of lights this year (our tax dollars at work). 
still daddy's little boy

Callahan is into having a stone face in shots or turning completely around so his back is facing camera 
(check out Karricks hand)

karrick running in hallway at community center for birthday party
just a cool shot

 below birthday girl wearing tiara and karrick with arm around the ladies

Santa's workshop below

The gift karrick is hold is for TJ...9 freaking dollars I might add 1/2 of the total price, but whatever.
The boy wrapping it had to be 9 or 10 used at least 10 cuts of wrapping paper. He would cut one then crumple it up as it was too small and so one until finally he just taped the paper on to the box and kept adding little scraps. It was really cute because he donated his time and tried so hard, I couldn't say anything. I did however pass the second bag of presents to the older girl wrapper. I think the boy deserves his picture in the yearbook sans the wrapping story

We never did get our Christmas tree, maybe next weekend. I haven't bought 1 Christmas present yet...not 1. Somehow I feel this will come back to bite me

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Mel said...

I am with you on the Christmas present front...we are keeping thing super simple this year, but not shopping at all yet does seem a little risky!