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Dec 10, 2011

keeping the magic

I was going to write about trying to keep the belief and magic as long as possible as Karrick still believes. As soon as I type the post title, I realize I didn't move "Alfie" our Elf on the Shelf, Elf" last night. I was out late and just forgot. I sneak downstairs while Karrick is with one of the brothers, get Alfie sitting in position, covered in Nerds. I turn around and get a


Karrick is spying from the stairs.....SHIT!

I was under suspicion anyway as I was caught off guard last week by Karrick. As we were leaving to attend the lightening ceremony, Karrick made a comment about

 "what a dumb place for Alfie to hide...on my sock drawer knob" "I couldn't even get my socks"

Before I could sensor myself I let out a giant

"I wasn't even thinking about you getting your socks..."

came bellowing out of his mouth with a 7 year old index finger pointed my way, before I finished my sentence. We all scrambled to cover my "oops". I thought all was forgotten as Karrick was delighted each morning when finding Alfie or when he was found on the couch in the middle of a frosted Mini wheat mess.

 Karrick even exclaimed "What a naughty little Elf"

So freaking proud of himself. I know we are safe with Santa....for now

Complete change of story from beginning to end in blog post

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