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Nov 14, 2011

TJ's concussion

TJ has been in the day program at Marionjoy Rehabilitation Hospital in Wheaton. He was evaluated by a team of doctors and therapists (speech, occupational and physical) We met with the Director of Psychology Brain Injury coordinator today and he decided to pull TJ out of school as he failed the eye convergence test, memory test and concentration test. The best way to recover from a brain injury is to rest the brain...sleep. Going back to school would aggravate and over stimulate TJ's brain. There is a zero benefit for him to go to school. He will continue to work with the home tutor. 
TJ is currently on 2 migraine medications and 1 medication to help him concentrate

I hate camera phones...but I couldn't traipse in there with my big Canon now could I?
Look how much taller TJ is than his PT...she was tough as nails

 TJ with the physical therapist that helps him with balance. He always is on a 1/2 ball or cushion. By the time he was done (had OT and speech prior) his eyes were glossed over, he was dizzy with a wicked headache

he was good at this...football drills

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