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Nov 12, 2011

My week minus anything concussion related

 Today Callahan competed in his 1st mathlete at Montini high School. There were 24 schools and 300 kids in grades 6-8. Cal is back row second from left...yes the tallest kid on the team

 Just my sweet baby

 View from my porch...very pretty block

Karrick has been working on his book for 8 months now. It's a pencil drawn continuous story. Since before Halloween he won't write without his cape...sometimes he'll say "where is my pimp hat" which is wrong on every level

Karrick brought his book to school to read to the class (after days of asking his teacher)
I asked what she thought of it and he replied with a big smile
"She said I sure do think outside the box!!"

He is definitely his own person

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