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Feb 11, 2012

Act One Studio

TJ started his acting class "Teen Film and Television"   downtown today at Act One Studio which was suggested by his agent. She thinks TJ just needs a little polishing. It is 3 hours every Saturday for 9 weeks. I have 3 hours to kill every Sat, today I walked around in the 15 degree weather and shot some pictures. (bird above)

My biggest concern was TJ not liking the class, it's a long session and there are no refunds.  When I went back to pick up TJ he came out beaming, just beaming!! All the classes are taught by industry professionals with impressive resumes.

Connie is TJ's teacher...needless to say TJ was impressed. She told my TJ that he has Perfect teeth, perfect skin and will look great on film . TJ's fear walking in was that he would be lagging behind the other teens because he lacks professional training. These comments at the beginning of class were all TJ needed to relax and enjoy the class. He even volunteered to be filmed 1st. Turns out he is the only one that has Representation out of the 9 kids in class today

Maybe not being able to play sports isn't such a bad thing. TJ was trying to do both last year and couldn't give either one 100%. He has a better chance of being a professional actor then a pro baseball player...

Now I have to figure out how to entertain myself every Saturday for 3 hrs. Too bad it's not June, I could spend it at the Beach

It was a gift to see a sparkle in TJ's eyes again

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