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Feb 19, 2012


While TJ was at his acting class yesterday, I walked over to Ohio Street beach. I was shooting the waves hitting the snowy shore when this bird walks right into my shot. I have continuous pictures starting with just a foot all the way to the entire bird.

It was actually a very sunny warm day (for Feb). The ice and snow was just along the ledge where the sun doesn't hit and I added the rain for fun.

My three hours to kill have been pretty fun. I get lots of exercise and get to explore different parts of the city. I used to live across the street from Ohio St beach 20 years ago...It is completely different. Outside my old front door they put in a walking tunnel under LSD. I use to have to walk to Illinois and navigate under LSD without being hit by some car. There are high rises where empty lots use to be. 20 years ago the weekends were dead...no one around. Really made me feel old

TJ's class is on LaSalle and Ontario (kitty corner from Rock n Roll McDonalds) and we get all day parking for 9 bucks. 

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