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Feb 19, 2012

My new bauble

I got a new car!!!
We finally had to send Bessie aka "the Clampett mobile" to the farm.

My new ride has turbo and one button to activate the power convertible top.

No more pulling over on 294, 3 or 4 times to restart the van because the transmission would get stuck in a low gear. It went from 0-45pmh in 3 min...no more right lane for me. Will my IDOT men miss me? Just think i'll never have to bang the key with my ipass box in order to turn the key to start the engine again
I can throw away my laminated cheat sheet for parking attendants....maybe that's why they always directed to me to my car instead of bringing it to me 

No more keeping bottles of steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, antifreeze and oil in the back of the van at all times. Everything leaked, snow melted right away on the black stain.
 I suppose now we can redo the driveway

black stain from Bessie

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Leisa Dreps said...

Well, if Bessie is giving you that much trouble, I think it is a good decision that you replaced it with a new one. And, the new one certainly has something to brag about from its exterior to its interior! The convertible top would be handy when you want some fresh air and warmth of the sun. Plus, you wouldn’t worry anymore about having different kinds of leak. How’s your car now? Does it still perform like when you first bought it?