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Apr 6, 2011


 Karrick got his Adenoids and Tonsils out today. He has had a chronic sinus infection for the last 4-5 years, I stopped even bringing to the pediatrician because antibiotics did nothing, even after 30 day doses. It finally came to the point where he didn't want to eat...just drink milk to fill his tummy.
At Elmhurst Center for Health they made my little Karrick feel so special. I pretty much live at this facility in the pain center for my neck (I am the only frequent flyer under age 60, but Me, Gladys, Silvia and Marge rock, I can hang with the blue hairs. The registration lady gave him 3 pennies to throw in the water wall fountain. The nurse gave him a stuffed animal and even transported him by red wagon to the OR.  The balloon was all me..crafty, I know. Before his discharge, the surgeon came back and gave Karrick bubbles
 I just love this facility and a new Elmhurst Hospital Campus is being built on to the Center for Health, which is due to open this summer.
hospital pictures fuzzy due to camera on phone, couldn't make myself bring the big Canon

The Surgeon told me Karrick tonsils were so bad and covered in "gunk" that they were "stuck" to his throat. His tonsils were also  scarred from a chronic throat infection. Karrick never once complained about a sore throat...no wonder he didn't like to eat ( 4ft tall and 45 lbs) poor kid! The doc said Karrick probably never has smelled food, God only knows what he has tasted. Kinda breaks my heart.
I see a completely different future for Karrick. He will be able to sleep, smell, swallow, eat, hear and speak so much better....a new world awaits him.

When we arrived home Karrick had 2 bowls of yogurt, 2 pancakes, milk and some vanilla shake. I drew the line at the cheeseburger request. I was so tired that I set him up in my bed, hoping he'd fall asleep...NO, I did. I woke up to him building his metal erector set at his desk (in our room) then an hour later I woke up and he was in TJ's room playing XBOX 360 Black Ops...really!
Tough as nails this one
He just ate 2 more pancakes and I had to strong arm him into taking pain medicine because I could tell he was in pain....he probably has always been in pain...what the HELL kind of mother doesn't know her child is in chronic pain?
That is a tough pill to swallow...pun intended
I am keeping Karrick out of school the rest of the week and he gets to sleep with me all week because Tim is in New York on business

Karrick had his first baseball practice last night
Psssst: karrick is wearing a cup tucked into the tiniest cup pants ever made and I tucked in his jersey and sweatshirt into TJ's old baseball pants(8U Oak Park Travel) TJ was no chubbster himself at this age so you can imaging how tiny Karrick is. TJ put on 25 lbs in 1.5 years when he had his tonsils and adenoids removed at age 8 (same surgeon) different pediatrician and different suburb (Oak Park) confirms he was" the man"  Surgeon that is

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Mel said...

Wow!! He sure is a trooper. Hope he is on the mend soon and eating up a storm too!