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Apr 23, 2011

A new boy

So this little boy had his tonsils and adenoids removed 2 weeks ago. He is officially better! My 48 inch child got down to 42lbs which means 50% in height and 8th % in weight...no mother of the year award for me. 
Time to fatten this skinny chicken into a plump turkey
We were at a joint birthday party for his 2 buddies Wednesday at Xtreme Trampolines and when it came time for pizza I had to force Karrick to take a bite. After 1 bite he Devoured the entire piece. Cake? My little cake hater couldn't get the fork into his mouth quick enough

really!? a cupcake and a piece of cake...not to mention frosting.
frosting had to of felt like tasteless paste going down before

"Mom, that was the best food I ever had!"

"Karrick that is the same food you never ate"

"No Mom it was soooo good"

I guess being able to smell, taste and actually swallow food makes a difference. Doctor said eating was just a chore for Karrick and that he has probably never smelled or tasted food properly, not to mention he had a chronic throat infection that made swallowing nearly impossible....but never complained because thats all he knew...OUCH

New foods that Karrick has eaten for the first time in his life

             1)  Cantaloupe
               2)  cutie orange
 3)  tacos
        4)  BBQ ribs
                5)  PBJ sandwich  

A cutie orange had to be like swallowing a giant snot...a tasteless odorless ball of phlegm

When TJ had the same procedure he put on 25 lbs in 1.5 years 

I'm hoping maybe Karrick will grow a little too. 50% is small for a McGinty kid...Cal and TJ are 97%...I don't usually grow than that little

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