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Jul 16, 2012

Gone, but never forgotten

Sadly we lost a special member of our family. Patrick went into full kidney failure and the vet didn't think he would make it through the night. Patrick held on for 3 days (vet assured us he wasn't suffering) until TJ could get home on Sunday to say goodbye.
 Monday morning on July 9th Patrick went to puppy heaven. I have tears streaming down my cheeks as I write this.
He was the best dog ever....I know everyone says that, but Patrick was different. He watched over us and the kids his entire life. From a puppy to the end.
He never jumped on anyone when they entered our home....NEVER!
He disliked all other dogs as we think he thought he was human
Patrick was named by TJ and Callahan when he got him at 7weeks old. They named him Patrick Star after the starfish from spondge bob. A month later when we received his pedigree papers we noticed he was born on March 17, 2001 - St Patrick's day

Callahan at age 2 taught Patrick to "fetch" he would toss a toy, pick up the few month old puppy and toss him to the toy yelling "fetch". A mischievous 2 yo Cal would walk up and just kick Patrick or rock back and forth on his tail while giggling. They grew to be the best of buddies

Impeccably trained, he never required a leash. If one of the boys strayed out of Patrick's comfort zone he would herd them back by circling around them.
Patrick knew better than to let Karrick catch up with him...he wasn't having a repeat of Callahan's baby antics

Every morning he would watch the boys walk to the corner and get on the middle and high school, school bus. See Callahan in distance. When safely on bus he would walk back to front porch or back gate.

No lie, If I wasn't home by 3pm Patrick would leave the yard (never left any other time while TJ and Cal were in elementary school) through a 2ft opening in fence on other side of house. He would just pace the sidewalk in front of our house and the neighbors house because he knew the elementary bell rung at 3:15. That meant Cal and TJ would be walking down the block soon
We moved to into the Lombard home 3 days before the school year started in 2005. Turns out Patrick was so nervous on the kids 1st day at the new school, he left the yard and walked to the school and waited on school property until someone called the police.

Patrick indulged me in my doggy dress up photo shoots

Patrick slept in bed with us for a little while each night, then hopped down to the floor. I like to believe he waited until he thought we were safe. The last couple of years Patrick's hips failed him and he couldn't do stairs anymore

He put up with Karrick's passive aggressive taunts. Karrick loved to just follow right behind him, but never touch him. Poor dog just couldn't lay down

His presence was always known when the kids gathered outside to play with their friends. He protected all of them

 Always went everywhere with us whether it was Long Grove or Whitewater...he was a member of this family

Patrick loved the old boat up in Wisconsin unless Tim drove to fast, then he hid under the steering wheel 

 Loved the snow, hated the rain

Patrick loved Tim's magic fingers

God Bless you, you sweet wonderful dog

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Mel said...

I am am so sorry to hear this, Mary.