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Jul 1, 2012

Cal and Katie

Sunday, a huge storm hit lombard with tornado sirens blaring, 80-90 mph winds ripped through the streets. trees and branches littered our community. Seems like the entire town last power. Tim was on his way to pick up Katie and drove right into the storm. He took cover in a nearby CVS, and got the people standing in the front  glass  entry to move to safety in the back. The poor workers were completely freaking out.
After the storm passed Tim got Katie and brought her to Long Grove where we have been house sitting.
Katie is a delightful, confident, outgoing girl. Just adorable!
Cal and Katie bonded in Italy...doesn't get more storybook than that.
Tim and Katie's mom were chaperon's so they watched the fairy tale unfold.
When did I get to this point?
 Two teenage boys, that were just 2 and 4 years old. Now they both have girlfriends.
Thank god for the "squisher machine" that will keep my Karrick 8 forever

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