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Jul 6, 2012

me...a hot mess

So for a solid week I've been driving in the god awful heat with my top down. It's just too hot for my air to keep up with a cloth roof. On Friday the 6th I drove to work 25 miles, then drove to Long Grove 22 miles. I was absolutely soaked by the time I got there...I mean soaked. I grabbed Cal and Karrick (they were there for a week plus)  a full computer, flat screen, the Wii, some toys and their luggage. All of this in my tiny car. While driving to Lombard, right passed Woodfield I noticed my gas gauge said 10 miles til empty. I would make it to the next exit or so I thought....sweating like a whore in church on Sunday, I continued driving....within 2 miles my car just ran out of gas. FUCK!!!! It's a 112 with heat index, I have 2 kids in the car and I fucking run out of gas? I coast to the shoulder and park. Ca l and I tried to find a gas station via our phones but it was too sunny and too loud on 53. I decide to walk to find a station. I grabbed Karrick and left Cal. 45 min later I return empty handed , but almost delirious from the heat. I carried Karrick part of the way and kept him in any shaded areas while walking. I called 911 and they send a State Trooper. He takes 1 look at me and puts all of us in the squad to cool off. He gets warm water bottles from his trunk for us to drink as he calls for back-up and the 2nd trooper has gas...Booyah!
I start laughing...yes laughing because this whole thing is just ridiculous. I have a invisible sprinkler pouring water down my head  so I use Buttercup as my sham-wow to constantly dry off. 
Karrick with a look of horror on his face throw his hands up and asks in a very stern voice
 "what are you laughing about?" I had no idea. The trooper tells me he is calling 911 for an ambulance as he thinks Im not acting right.. 
All the while I keep thinking "I have a giant 75th birthday party for my dad in less than 24 hrs and really?! I don't have time for this. Ambulance comes and asks me to get out of squad

2 paramedics grab an arm and support me walking to the ambulance...I am now super dizzy and my fingers and lips are tingling. I can't catch my breath and continue to rain sweat on everything.
Once in ambulance I am packed in ice packs, IV, heart monitor, blood pressure and glucose level are all checked. 
They take me, Cal, Karrick, the luggage, computer, Wii and my camera bag all in ambulance to Alexian Brothers ER.
My body temp is high, blood pressure is high and still sweating. They take a bunch of blood to make sure toxins haven't been released into my muscles. That comes back normal except my potassium is low. They give me supplements, keep ice on me, IV and monitor temp and BP.
All I can worry about is..the party, I have so many things to finish up for my dads party. I need to go and go home now! A few hours later I return to normal...tim shows up from downtown. My wonderful brother in law picked up my car on the side of the road. The equally wonderful trooper waited with my car and key til Brian got there (otherwise towed at 180 bucks)
I had Heat Exhaustion 

Arrow marks where we stopped...look around not a freaking gas station for miles!

this was me

My hero's to the rescue....
Unfreaking-believable how in Gods name do I get heat exhaustion ? 
Ex lifeguard  and ex paramedic...just insane! almost a sin

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