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Jul 26, 2012


Tubing is a huge activity for us in Whitewater. I even tubed, but Cal thinking he was zooming in on me actually changed the f-stop to a really high setting which whited the shots completely out. I don't play daredevil, I just take a nice ride
Callahan intentionally hits a wave at the perfect angle which makes him catch huge air.

Cal also likes to kick Karrick out of the wake. When I was trying to fix my camera after Cal "adjusted" it I wasn't paying attention as spotter...I look up with Cal yelling at me. Karricks tube upside down and Karrick about 50 yds behind it. Cal kicked him  out of the wake right when a wave hit him and flipped him off. Karrick was just bobbing in the lake waiting for us

 Cal taking out his cousin Marisa

 Uncle Brian almost crushing Cal

 We had to put the kabash on Cal  flying with Karrick, because he landed on top of him

 Just a sweet picture of my sweet little boy...God I love that kid

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