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Aug 1, 2012

Friday the 13th

Karrick and his buddy Nico had birthday's in Mar/Apr. They decided to put off a party until July so they could have it at Paradise Bay, Lombard new pool. (3 year old pool). As anyone that has kids knows at age 8, it's all about the party. They waited 4 months which in kid years is forever
Finally it is party time July 13th...FRIDAY THE 13TH!!

Marlene (Nico's mom) and I joked about the date, we figured there would be some snafu. honestly we thought someone would just drown, that's all
After the hottest, dry-est summer on record...
The day was hot and sunny as the summer has been. Around 4-5pm I went to get the balloons...as I turn onto Roosevelt road power is out..Really cause it's sunny 2 miles over at my house. One look to the west and I see the Apocalypse coming...black black skies
Callahan called me (he was home alone with Nico and Karrick) He tells me that water is rushing down our driveway and the power went out...mind you, there is no rain at Party City on Roosevelt Rd. "Mother Fucker, If my damn basement floods someone's gonna die " is going through my head. This is the year we should invite Lombard's waste into our home if we continue on the every 2 year plan.
Long story short, a storm whips through Lombard, we all lose power ..AGAIN! I didn't buy the balloons as 'Really?!  WTF am I going to do with a car load of helium balloons in a monsoon, especially in my tiny cute Audi (love saying that!) I've earned that after driving the death machine mini van for 7 years...just sayin 
I drove by the pool to see that YES, they have power. Of course at 5 pm I get a flood of calls "is the party on?"
" People this is Chicago, by 7pm we can have sunny skies or a blizzard...yes in July"
Pool was closed and would make a decision at 6:30 on whether the party would go...guards would come back.   At 6:15 I see sunny skies to the west. at 6:30 the 7pm party is a go... 
Nothing like scrambling to set up a party for some 50 guests in less than a 1/2 hr.
Party was a huge hit...Lombard rents out the entire water park for 100 up to people for  $280 that includes all the guards...split that by 2 kids and you have a rockin party for free (free by kid party standards)
Karrick and his best friend from kindercare (age 2) that came in from Oswego

The teenagers...Cal's girlfriend Katie in teeny weenie blue bikini 

Had it been warmer...was a little chilly for me to get wet, I would have tried the water slides

Party was a huge success...we could have added a 3rd birthday child as there was so much space

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