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Aug 17, 2012

Sweet 16

16 years ago today 8-17-1996 at 7:11 pm a beautiful baby boy entered this world. TJ has been a joy since birth.  I never knew such love existed before he came into our lives. My darling baby boy is growing up.. 16!!! WOW, he is old enough to drive!
TJ is and always has been just a nice kind hearted kid, beautiful both inside and out.
We just love you to death!

I had to dig through a bucket of photos as there were no digital camera's in 1996. It was so sweet looking back at my life as a new mom. Motherhood sure is a gift

TJ you are an inspiration!

To be this young again,,,,nothing ached!
TJ's eyes were a gray/blue until 18 month when they turned hazel....no color manipulation was done

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