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Aug 8, 2012

The horror we call our deck

The last time I stained our deck was 2 years ago. I have been meaning to do it since April, but time just got away. I found a Quart of stain in the basement and decided to start . Now to finish I will need the 5 gallon drum. Needless to say the stain was sucked right into the dry wood. I was able to get the  below sections and left of the arrow almost done. Touch-ups will be necessary.
So I completed maybe 40 balusters , 6 rails and maybe 4 or 5 posts  .
Only about 300 balusters, 30 posts, 20 rails and 600 sq feet on flooring to go. Lets not forget the lattice that probably never has been completely stained

Why don't I have it professionally cleaned and stained you ask?
Because the 13 year old needs braces and you need a degree to be an orthodontist.
You don't need a degree to stain a deck, just a lot of time and common sense.
 I like to believe I have an abundance of common sense and I can scrape together a few days to complete the job.....I hope Mother Nature will work with me.....no more 100 degree + days please

You can see the balusters I didn't just stain...desert dry wood
The difference in the wood color is amazing....this hot summer really took it's tool on the wood.

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Angelina Garcia said...

Aww. You can always re-stain everything. Just be sure to do it when the weather is good. Repainting the deck will also help!