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Aug 23, 2012

Callahan and Katie

I think one important aspect of good parenting is not only how your kids treat other people, but how they treat their significant others. Both my boys get a top-notch rating in this department. Callahan will stop eating in a restaurant to go open a door for senior citizens. He swoops in before anyone even notices. I love to hear Tim give them the low-down before they go out "open the door, buy the snacks..." Tim has always been a romantic since the day I met him.

It is heart warming to see Callahan and TJ with their girlfriends, both are pure old school and I love it.

I love that my boys are very open and comfortable with and about their girlfriends. We have always had  a very open dialogue in our house. I have always taught my boys to have a voice and an opinion and let me tell you, as teenagers I have questioned that strategy more than once.

Callahan and Katie went to Italy together where their storybook romance began. Her mom and Tim were chaperones so our family's have become friends.  They have gone to the movies and the mall. Callahan has joined her family at Cantigny, Kane county Cougar game and dinner. Katie has even spent time in Long Grove. She is very comfortable just hanging at our house as shown above on the trampoline. Picture taken through the netting
I just love that my boys are turning into fine young men. They were kind as little guys and now are kind as big guys

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