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Aug 24, 2012


Last weekend we headed up north again. It was tj's birthday weekend and his final summer vacation weekend, so he chose to stay home. Karrick and I hit the road after song and presents because I don't like navigating the pitch dark skies and cornfields at night. Callahan was going to the Kane County Cougar game with Katie and family. The game went into extra innings, then they went out to eat after. Cal didn't get home til after 11, then him and Tim drove up to the lake getting there between 1 and 1:30 am
There is something serene about waking up early at the lake.  That's why we drive up Friday night. 6 or 7 am coffee on the deck overlooking the calm glasslike lake before the boaters get up.
We got our boat back after some extensive 3 week engine work to the tune of $1500..OUCH!

so we boated

We boated all day Saturday. Callahan is quite the water-sport kid...loves anything on the water or snow for that matter...he is an excellent downhill skier...fearless.
Karrick and I had to hit the road around 2pm to bring him to a birthday party at Medieval Times in Schaumburg. I dropped him off and went to Long Grove to hang with the Mother in Law, before picking Karrick back up and heading another 1 and a 1/2 hrs north. After 45 min in the car my leg goes numb and my lower back into spasms...it was a long, uncomfortable ride. We all took Monday off work so I still had 2 full days to recover

I am treated like a queen at the lake....my boys do everything...Everything!

 Gotta navigate that wake or....KA-POW
The boy did a face plant big time...OUCH

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