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Aug 10, 2012

10 months - TBI update

TJ mentioned the other day that it has been 10 months since his brain injury.
I waited so long to get to this point, the point of where TJ is 100% or as close as he will be to it.
Our lives are forever different post TBI, but not necessarily for the worst. TJ still suffers from crippling headaches. Tubing on the boat, great America and Dupage County fair all brought them on. Fatigue brings them on too. The Fair was the worst because it was 100 degrees and everything (noises and movement) kinda blended into a fog like state. This may continue forever,  no one knows. Memory seems good, when he does forget something we don't know if it is because of the injury or just because he is a teenager or a teenager in love

Academically, he is good. I met with his counselor last week and we went over his Act practice test scores. He scored a little lower this year than Freshman year but still very high. He was put into the "exclusive college" range. The only college he couldn't theoretically get into is the IVY league schools....Um.... OKAY BY ME! 

 TJ has always been an incredible test taker, but very lazy when it comes to school work . This is the important year so the no sports maybe a blessing for his school work with the entire faculty's eyes on him

TJ is a junior and has made up all credits, he will take a full load in the upcoming school year. All regular classes- no honors. We still don't know what a full day of work will do to his brain. He is still on the 504 plan (kids with disabilities) just in case his brain can't handle the work load . He will be eligible for extra help if that is the case. I don't anticipate problems, but he does get frustrated more easily...who wouldn't after their entire life has been turned upside down

TJ can't play football which he misses terribly (i do too) so I enrolled him and Callahan into a trampoline class at our local gymnastic center. Karrick started gymnastics there too. Their classes are at the same time which is great! I put Cal and TJ in to build muscle tone. TJ was as hard a rock pre injury...8 pack abs and muscular back muscles. He has put on almost 25 much needed pounds but lost a lot of muscle as anyone would sitting around for 10 months.
His agent wants him in shape asap because he is tall enough and filled out enough to model young men's clothes. He just isn't buff enough anymore,,,,always freakin something. Nothing like getting an out of the blue phone call requesting current pictures just wearing gym shorts.
His gent suggested a personal trainer...arrgh!

karrick's classmate is in TJ and Cal's trampoline class

With no travel sports this summer we were as a family able to do all kinds of activities we weren't able to do for the last 8 years. We have gone on numerous vacations, family movies, dinners and just home time. TJ and Callahan have rekindled the bond they shared as little guys. They even double date together as they both have girlfriends

TJ was able to just hang with all his cousins this summer in Long Grove, swimming, talking and riding every vehicle there was. I have had so much time off this summer from work that I can't remember the last time I was this relaxed
TJ is going to try out for the high school volleyball team in the spring as his heart isn't into baseball anymore
While sitting with the counselor going over TJ's new schedule she would say "we went over this in the Spring". I had to be refreshed with everything as the last 7 out of 10 months are a complete blur....my body's way of getting me through the injury of my child

Life is good, really good.
 I am still a little over-protective with TJ and terrified of him getting hit again, but life is more stress free post injury than pre-injury.
Check out my Callahan all dirty from 4 wheeling, he is now 5 '10 at age 13
I think he may turn out to be the tallest McGinty boy by the time he is done growing. Of course now he needs an entire new wardrobe for school as you can see he is wearing TJ's shirt

Life is good...really good!

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