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Aug 13, 2012

another weekend at the lake- nature shots

I have yet to Google this bird...anyone know what it is? kinda looks like a small Blue Heron.
 This shot was not color enhanced at all. Except for the copyright it is SOOC (straight out of camera)
The McGinty's + Alexis spent the weekend up in Whitewater. Our boat is still in the shop having the engine almost rebuilt (gulp) 2.5 weeks now. We decided to go up anyway. I love taking walks with my camera. Our place is smack dab in the middle of Kettle Moraine State Forest. There is a fair amount of wildlife...lots of cool birds.
The McGinty 5, plus 1 had a wonderful weekend. We did for the 1st time bring up electronics..GASP ! We don't even get cell reception up there. 2 laptops, flat-screen monitor and the XBOX...so wrong on every level. I did enjoy watching the 2 season of Breaking Bad Saturday night on the flat screen streamed from the laptop.
We swam, kayaked and walked around the rest of the time...I swear!

 Due to the Midwest turning into a desert, the large pond  in Wisconsin is now a small pond. The water usually comes up to the cement wall above. Below is the pathway to the lake. Water usually spills from the lake down this ramp into the pond.  As you can see it is bone dry. I'll have to look through my old pictures, I know I have an old shot of fish swimming over

when Tim saw this shot all he said was "perv". 
They always go straight there...

Driving up to the lake Friday night I pulled over to capture the farms in the dark. Above is kinda cool because the red light is from my parking break. There were cows in the buildings. It was actually pitch dark outside, just kinda fun

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