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Aug 4, 2012

the t-shirt

Every year McGinty Farm hosts the Connell family Picnic. My mother in law is 1 of 8 kids that each have 3-6 kids, that each have 2-4 kids. Add that up and it is one large cousin fest. 2 years ago there was some t-smack talk going on, so I challenged all families to a t-shirt family contest. I designed the above shirt last year sans the wings and halo.
My father in law owns McGinty Brothers, Inc a tree company. The fallen branches are the original 8 Connell family members. Unfortunately my father in law passed away right before the picnic which in turn was cancelled.
This year it was game on! In honor of grandpa, I added the wings and halo. (that drawing is the spitting image of my father in law)...just sayin.

                 even Ferguson scored a t-shirt

All the girls had shamrock patches on the sleeves and the boys had G-pa patches.
OMG! I had no idea the labor involved in making these. I waited til 3 days before the picnic to actually start assembling (had 2 other parties to complete1st and I'm no party planner!)
My MIL (mother in law) and I had hours of difficulty trying to print the iron-ons (internet, printer hell!) before we decided to email the final drawing to my home computer where Alexis and I printed and ironed 18 shirts to be brought back to LG for decorating.
Thank God my nieces arrived from CO Thur and Fri to help. We literally finished the final touches Saturday morning of the picnic

Of course auntie Mary (me) needed a wardrobe change so I got 2 decorated by my niece :)

My sister in law glamming them up!

Game on!

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