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Jul 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!

My father turned 75! Whoa
My siblings and I threw him a big party to celebrate. My dad being the Exalted Ruler for the 4th time at the Elks Lodge really wanted the party there. It turned out wonderful. My dad was in his element, I honestly think this lodge keeps my dad young. There are 4 framed pictures on the wall in the entryway of my father. His name is plastered throughout the place. Last year he was Elk of the year for his dedication to the lodge and fund raising efforts for the less fortunate

 at 75 he is allowed a little help from the youngest
This doesn't do my picture collage justice...It was super cute on burlap with antique lace.
Damn, my dad was a  cutie as a little guy and a hottie a big guy!
I see a lot of TJ in my dads high school pictures
look at 2nd row last picture on the right...my mom and dad in high school. Christine is almost a carbon copy of my mom. I am forever told I am a duplicate of my Nan, paternal grandma

the crew minus TJ who was in Texas for 9 days

just some of the girls, above
 How stinkin cute is my little white dress?
Below is my best friend of almost 35 years Erin and her mother. We were inseparable during high school. Her mom was a second mother to be. 

The party was a success and a good time by all
To think I was taken to the ER via ambulance the night before with heat exhaustion

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