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May 11, 2013

Good things, good things

Today TJ and I ordered our passports for Costa Rica. We had to move the date back a week because TJ booked a feature film....YES, he is going to light up the big screen. As my luck would have it, it films during the week we were to be gone...no biggie as we still have to purchase our tickets. TJ had to sign a NDA (non disclosure agreement) to work on the film, so I have to keep everyone in the dark. It's big and it's cool. He had his fitting yesterday and got paid for it...Love it!
Just saying, out of the 3 people being fitted at that time, only 1 was gushed over about how "Perfect" he looked in costume. Guess who? Yep- the TJ-ster!
Needless to say TJ is stoked! He has the cool law firm internship and a major motion picture to keep him busy all summer! The boy will be earning his own cash.
He worked so hard for the last couple years audtioning and auditioning, he got call backs but didn't get booked. He never got down, never complained and most of all Never gave up!
His perseverance has paid off!

Now to the above picture 
I am starting this tomorrow...it is similar to stuff we do in bootcamp, but we use weights while doing excercises. I will do both, I can't always make bootcamp, Im averaging once a week....(it is 3x a week) I have noticed a difference in my body, clothes fit better, but I haven't really lost any weight...maybe 4 lbs.
I will horrify myself by posting my results

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