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May 15, 2013

Happy Birthday mom

Today is my mom's 76th Birthday
 9 years ago today she had emergency brain surgery.
In exactly 2 weeks it will be 9 years ago that she left us

My close friends know how I struggled with her death, I don't think my family or my husband even knew, by no fault of their own
It took 3 solid years before I could mention her without crying. 
I was angry and sad and mad
I drank a lot that first year
Today is my 8  year  anniversay of being sober, on my moms birthday.
My brother Jim posted this video, I have never seen or heard this before (I get that I live in a music closet)

Thank Jim for sharing this

It made me cry, but a different cry. Of course there is a sadness, but somehow a happy cry. so much of my mom lives on through us kids. The older I get the more I realize how many lives she touched. Just the comments on facebook from all her friends, ours cousins and our friends growing up while spending time in our home.
She was a part of their lives too....everyone's lives
Thats a Blessing, she was a blessing and I am blessed because she was my mom

Karrick's Christening May 5th 2004
3 weeks before my mom died

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