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May 12, 2013

My Mother

My mom was the most incredible lady. She was smart, funny, elegant and full of grace. Everybody loved Joanne...everybody!
She raised 5 children while my dad worked 2 jobs. A Chicago Fireman and a sign painter. My dad would do a 24 hr shift at the firehouse and sometimes go straight to his second job. My mother did it all and was always home and there for us growing up. She always told me that I would make it in life no matter what (probably told my siblings the same thing) I believed her.
She had a bridge club and a mahjong club (high school friends) . Her and my father went out every  Saturday night. She would get all dressed up and put on her Chanel #5 and leave us monsters with a babysitter that we tormented, I mean tormented.
My mom and dad were the pretty people, the people everyone wanted to hang with. They walked in the room and people noticed them. They met in HS, dated and got married 5 years after graduation. My mom worked for Leo Burnett (pre-kids) and dad CFD. While with Leo Burnett my mother was asked to be the Marboro woman in their cigarette commercial.  We have the commercial on VHS somewhere is it awesome, my mom writing a letter to her boyfriend in the army, she pauses lights up a cigarette, takes a drag and blows out the smoke while gazing at the photo of her serviceman. I should try and dig it up

 My mom was Ms Mercy of Mercy High School 1955, the senior chosen that had all the qualities. Her picture graced a full page in the front of the yearbook

Grandma loved her grandchildren and she would keep them overnight all the time. She loved to have them sleep on her shoulder. Sadly she passed away 2 months after Karrick was born. It will be 9 years this month.
I talked to my mom almost everyday and still feel a void after all this time.
She was a great one and I am super lucky to have had her as a mother
Happy Mother's Day Mom, I love and miss you!

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