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May 5, 2013

Karricks Communion and Cals SAT

Saturday was one busy day. Karrick made his First Holy Communion at Sacred Heart Church. Tim dropped us off early(we still only have 1 car and it is a rental) at Lilacia Park which is across the street from the Church. Tim had to go pick up Callahan from Glenbard West HS where he took the SAT's for the 1st time. He said the math was easy, reading was boring and some of the vocabulary was hard. Considering he is only in the 8th grade, sounds like he did okay.
Lilcia Park is just beginning to bloom....the weather was fantastic for a few shots.
My little Karrick looks so cute in his Shaun White skinny black pants . He may be a peanut but he is all legs...just like his mama!

Some new friends came to pick up TJ and brought Karrick some homemade cupcakes. So very sweet and thoughtful. The rose one was just for me

 Below is my SAT shot of Glenbard West HS. Cal had to be there no later than 7:45 am. At 7 30 we had to turn around because we forgot the sciencetific calulator, then we had to search for batteries. At 7:37 we flew to Glen Ellyn. It is actually faster to get to GWHS than it is to Glenbard East as both school are less than 3 miles away.

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