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Jun 9, 2013

Big Weekend for Karrick

all these pics were shot with my cell phone...so against my principals

 Friday, Karrick had a huge movie audition. There has been a national seach for a little boy to star in a new movie adapted from a popular childrens book to be shot in LA this Fall.
I'm not holding my breath. 
He marched in there and gave it his all....like I have time to go to LA?!
Of course I do! ;p

Clair Simon Casting collected supplies for Oklahoma and the little actors help load the truck. Clair Simon wanted a picture for her facebook page of all the kids in the truck

Saturday my budding actor/model had his 1st editorial photoshoot shot by 
They shot for 3 hours! We couldn't watch, but I sat with my kids manager and all the moms of the kids he manages. It was super cool, I have been spending time with these moms lately.
The teen editorial shoot is coming up, which TJ and Madie will be in

there was probably 8-10 kids and I cant wait to see these shots. Karrick was the only boy for the 1st half. Isn't that every boys dream to be surrounded by a mass a girl models?
In the car he told me the 11 year old was "pretty cute" Arrgh!
God help me with this one

 Below, Karrick kept everyone amused with his magic tricks. Um, I'm talking about the adults. The kid is too much.
 TJ's girlfriend Madie bought Karrick a little magic set.
Scott, their manager is sitting across from Karrick and he was highly amused.
I'm telling you Karrick is a piece of work

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