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Jun 15, 2013

Us against the wild

Holy Cow! Actually a cow would be better. We have a family of 3 Raccoons that live close.
My guess is somewhere under our deck, it's hard to tell due to the massive size of our deck 600sf. There is also lattice that covers the lower perimieter so we cant see under the whole thing.
Callahan and friends were in the garage sitting at "the table" in the dark , candles lit with soda's and chips late one night. A giant Oppossum jumped out of a box and growled at them.
I would have given anything to see 5 teens scrambling to get out of the garage at midnight via the side door.
OMG, to hear Callahan tell the story made me bust out laughing.
Cal said the tail was a good 2 inches in diameter and it was the size of a medium dog. It also had 1 baby with it.
We also have a skunk that has to be close. Once or sometines twice a week it blows, usually while Tim and I are in bed with the windows open. We are on the 3rd floor and our windows overlook the driveway. The smell is so strong that our eyes water. Im not sure where he takes up residence.
The Raccoons are so bold. They would walk across the deck rail and look in our kitchen window while we sta at kitchen table. At night we can hear them going in and out of cans.
Now the squirrels have chewed large holes in the lids.
Now that summer is hear and kids are outside it has become a safety issue.
A) I need new cans
                  B) I hang ammonia soaked rags
      C) I sprinkle red pepper

I have put Mouse poison little bricks all around 
(not for mice, because we have none)
I do have the fear of the animals eating the poison and just becoming insane

We never had this problem when our dear Patrick was alive
If none of this work it's time to call the professionals
I haven't seen or heard from any of them since the ammonia, but Im not convinved yet. 
I also hear mint garbage bags help.
# 1 is cut off food supply

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