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Jun 29, 2013


My little boy has braces!

Karrick's mouth is too small to accomodate his adult teeth. I think he has 13 + plus teeth that need to come in. Also, his bite is off where his top teeth on one side bite inside his lower teeth instead of the reverse. If we waited until he was a teen, his teeth would be a disaster due to lack of room and he's be looking at 3 years in braces.
He has an expander to widen his palette...I have to use a key to turn it every night.
Hopefully by putting braces on at age 9, he will only need them for a year.
There is also a chance he may need braces again as a teen, but it will be much simpler process

He isn't really in pain like my other 2 boys were. Maybe teeth move easier when they are younger and not all adult teeth are in?
He is as proud as a peacock with them!

2 kids with braces at the same time and all I can say is
Thank God for Ortho insurance!!

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