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Jun 24, 2013

Happy one year anniversary Cal and Katie- Karrick's Recital

Quite possibly the worlds cutest couple celebrated their 1 year anniversary. 
No small feat for a couple of newly turned 14 year olds.
I must say they are both extremely mature for their ages.
I love watching them together, Cal is very tender nad loving towards Katie

We started the day watching Karrick's dance recital. When Karrick's was done with his dance, Tim, the boys and Katie left. I stayed another 2.5 hrs so Karrick could bow at the end. Tim dropped Cal and Katie at Stoney River for a nice dinner. Then they all stayed in Long Grove overnight. Katie upstairs with all my nieces and Cal downstairs with Tim.

I was so impressed with Karrick's dancing. Not even 3 months ago he started and he went straight to the intermediate class and held his own with the kids that have been in there for years

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