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Apr 4, 2012

Callahan's new skill

It's only fitting that Callahan is wearing his Mathlete t-shirt

 Callahan is single handily taking apart the 1990 Mazda Miata. He is rebuilding the entire thing, Cal took off the outer panels, sand blasted them, removing the rust and repainting
He is taking the engine apart piece by piece and restoring them.
Cal will be out in the garage for hours and all you hear is power tools
This kid knows more about cars then anyone...every car on the road he can recite make, model, horsepower  what kind of engine and how it works down to the cellular level...it's pretty creepy, but very impressive. I don't know enough about cars to even write what he knows. How does he know all this?  I don't know, he has watched Tim fix our cars and boat. Callahan was born pre-programmed with Google.
I think i'll cal him the human google

 Below is the beautiful view from my deck

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