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Apr 3, 2012

Soccer for Karrick

I'm well aware that my kid is wearing baseball cleats...It was a great idea at the end of last season to buy them on clearance..Aarrgh!

Karrick started soccer today and had a ball. He needs the fast pace, wasn't feeling the baseball. Karrick loves to run so this hopefully will be more his style.  Jenn is the coach, but her son Tyler (blue jacket) is a soccer player and he is the one teaching the kids. The father is a travel coach, and will show up when possible. I enjoyed watching Tyler play with the soccer ball...lots of fancy moves that I know nothing about...but they were cool. I think we scored big in the coaching dept especially for a Park District team. Their other son is on the team and has the same birthday as Karrick and they are both 8. Turns out they met last week at a McDonalds focus group. Karrick had to play with Happy Meal toys for an hr and was paid $65 ...small world

I had on a hoodie and my down coat...it was freezing. Karrick was the only one w/o a coat. He has Zero% body fat and never gets cold. "I don't sense cold" is what he always says. I saw him with hands in his pockets, so I ran over with his sweatshirt.. "No mom I said I'm not cold my hands are in my pocket because  Im trying not to use them" That was his idea not from the coach. Sharks and Minnows on the field was about the funnest game Karrick has ever played

How sweet is this, a doggy wheel chair they were just walking by and I had to take a picture

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