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Apr 15, 2012

I'm not kidding when I say "3rd kid syndrome"

 Karrick had his 1st soccer game today at 11:30, be there 11:15. Well we were running late and got to the park at 11:25. Karrick ran ahead and I see him running straight onto the field with a game in play. 
Before I could stuff a pillow into my big loud megaphone (aka mouth)  I yell and I mean YELL!
"KARRICK, DON'T RUN ON THE FIELD THAT ISN'T OUR GAME!!!!"...Karrick freezes in his tracks
Doesn't the entire sideline of people turn around to look at me...blue striped fuzzy pants(horizontal stripes..GASP) Salmon hoodie, folding chair and I mean folding chair...old school, 1 fold, no cute storage bag chair, blanket, jacket, purse and diet Coke. Why no water bottle...it's was left on counter at home, I didn't have any arms left to carry it anyway.
I need a hard chair to sit on because I'm old
I have plates and screws in my lower spine that is now arthritic, have 5 bulging disks in my  neck with nerve damage. Arthritis also in my elbows, right knee and hips. I am literally a disaster so please don't begrudge me my hard freaking chair. I would totally feel like white trash if I didn't pull up in my ever so cute sporty Audi A4 convertible- it doesn't suck!

A mom informs me that "yes, this is Karrick's team on the field, the game started at 11am"
Of course it did...now everyone knows I was 45 min late for my childs 1st game. By the looks of me, they probably assumed I was hungover or smokin crack all night (did I forget to mention that a shower wasn't part of my morning)
The coach immediately put Karrick in as it was the 3 qtr already. Probably felt sorry for the poor neglected kid with the old jersey.
I kept forgetting to buy the park district reversible  Navy/Gray Jersey. I did run in last night, just to find the peanut sizes were sold out...new ones next week....FUK
Call my friend Gayle...she has an old one...cool I'll pick it up in the morning when I dump Callahan and TJ off at 8 am. Jake and Josh were hosting a 15 person paintball party in Joliet. I was the Notary person so I hung out til all guests arrived. Always leaves me with an uneasy feeling when a parents signature on the waiver needs to be notarized.
I digress.
 I leave with the sky blue/white jersey and head home with all the time in the world before Karrick's game

Back to my entrance at the game. I unfold my chair and sit, mom next to me goes
 "I recognize you"
 of course you do
"sure you just don't recognize the voice?"  I ask

people that don't know me, know me as "that funny lady, you know, the one with the really loud voice"
If they are asking my friend Cindy, then it's "that funny lady, you know the one with the really loud voice like you"  there are debates on which one of us is louder...very close

"St Pius!, yes Karrick went to pre-school with my Aiden"  she replies

Two seconds later the 3 qtr was over and the kids all ran over to have a sip of water, except for the late kid, with the old  jersey and shin guards on the outside of his socks

St Pius Mom offered Karrick a sip of water

I told her "just wait till next week, I will be so on this whole thing that you'll be jealous"

Oh, and I did get a few "don't you have a schedule?" from some of my friend parents

"No, I relied on my ESP skills, but due to cloudy weather I tuned in to 11:30 instead of 11am...but i nailed the correct field"

Of course i have a schedule, I even have 2. 1 from the coach and 1 that was emailed to me.

Note to self.... double check game time on the game day, don't rely on memory from 2 days prior

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