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Apr 7, 2012


The other night I boiled 4 1/2 dozen eggs to color because last year everyone  including Alexis colored eggs. I just assumed I would have the same enthusiasm this year. We all know what happens when we assume...
Turns out it was just me and Karrick and a whole lotta eggs.  Callahan did plop one egg in a cup where it still remains 3 days later...teenagers!
We really had a great time, just my Karrick and me. Three hours later when we were done, Karrick said "I just love coloring eggs with you" awe

I shot this with my telephoto lens from Callahan's bedroom window. Karrick waited so patiently while I boiled a bazillion eggs. He swung on his swing just lost in his own thoughts...so sweet . Oh and by the way...how spectacular is our grass? Beautiful lush soft and green

 I bought 6 egg coloring kits..3 original Pass and 3 fancy pass. Let me tell you 
a) the tye dye Paas sucked-it just sucked and it was a mess
                           b) the glitter- sequin Pass sucked- 2 tiny baggies and the glitter didn't stick
                         c) the marble Paas sucked- the only difference for my extra buck was to add my own vegetable oil..really?!
We ended up just using good old fashion Crayola crayons to color eggs before dropping into the coloring cups
Below, see the glitter floating on the liquid...that's where it stayed. Don't confuse the white speckles on the egg for glitter

As always regular food coloring straight on the egg works best. Karrick is rolling 2 eggs in a cup with a few squirts of food coloring...you just have to be willing to walk around with discolored fingers for a few days

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