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Apr 11, 2012

Update on TJ

Disclaimer: It is okay to be multi-listed if you don't have an exclusive contract. TJ isn't exclusive, being new to the teen/adult world, it benefits all parties to get as much experience and exposure as possible.

It has been exactly 6 months, 1 week since TJ's traumatic brain injury.  It has been a long difficult journey, but with immediate exceptional medical care, support of my family, friends and Glenbard East HS we are ready to move onto the next chapter of our lives.
TJ is off all  prescription medications. He does get headaches, but not everyday. At school the headaches seemed to start during last period which is a study period, so he can just lay down
 TJ only takes 4 classes but is getting A's in 3 of them and a B in the 4th. A lovely boost to his GPA. He has made up half of his last semester credits due to the incredible staff at GEHS, The school nurse oversaw this daunting task by scheduling tutoring sessions with different teachers from last semester during his free periods daily. I see my bright, funny and confident (sometime too confident, everywhere he goes people tell him how beautiful he is) boy back. A stranger asked if  she could take his picture just to show her girlfriend how pretty he was. While flattered, TJ sometimes finds all the attention " creepy".  He says sometimes people just stare at him non-stop, which he hates.

 If there are any lasting effects, I can't notice them. When I ask TJ if he feels like his old self he says "pretty close"
TJ was not able to join his Sophomore Team in baseball...he took it extremely well and is enjoying some new down time after 10 years of non-stop sports.  

TJ wants to model and act. He just finished a 9 week class at Act One Studio in downtown Chicago. He starts another 9 week, 3 hr class every Saturday in a week at the same place, but with a male teacher he met there and really admired. Maybe this session will be warm so I can just hang at Oak Street beach. All about me!

TJ received his new head shots last week and I mailed them to both his agencies . He has already been called once from each agency. A national commercial audition yesterday and another commercial audition tomorrow. He also had 1 DePaul Film School audition and 1 from Columbia College, which he is thinking about attending after high school. TJ has an interview Sunday with a 3rd Agency that wants to represent him.

He has multiple agencies that believe in him (they're the toughest sell)
So God willing, with a lot of hard work and top tier acting classes, added to his natural talent and  Hollywood  looks...
 (It's a superficial industry what can I say)

"When one door closes another one opens"

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