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Apr 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

Grandma had the barn and other buildings painted  a firehouse red, which will add a nice pop to my location shots

The day started with the Easter egg hunt in our backyard. All 56 eggs were hidden, after a long search only 52 were located. There was some concern that maybe Patrick had an early breakfast to which I replied "Patrick doesn't eat eggs, he's  never eaten an egg. Guess what Patrick was yakking up in Long Grove...EGGS !
I stand corrected

Callahan found his Easter basket hidden in Rose
What Cal failed to realize was Rose was part of his basket. The engine needs work, so who better than Callahan to fix and keep it. I can see it now...picking Karrick up in a golf cart from school..ahhhhhh
Grandma needed an updated mobile...enter "Lollie" seen below. There is a lot of ground to cover for grandma, so Lollie is her girl

 egg hunt

A nice soccer game with the brothers

My little cutie cashing in his eggs from the hunt.
 A haircut is in the immediate future for all 3 of my boys...the tired Justin Bieber look is a casualty of  laziness and a scheduling conflict. #1 priority this week

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