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Jun 5, 2012

Fireman Karrick

Sunday Karrick and I spent the day with the Lombard Fire Department. Karrick was a Fireman for a Day. It was so much more than I could have ever expected. Fireman are probably the happiest people alive. I grew up around fireman and know a lot of fireman . Every single one will tell you they love their job, that they are excited and happy when it is their day to work. These men went out of their way to embrace Karrick and terach him everything they could. Fireman Tony took Karrick by the hand through every inch of that firehouse; he opened every compartment on each truck, Engine and ambulance and explained what and how everything worked. He gave Karrick as much hands on experience allowed. We got to go out on calls (we couldn't get out of the engine)
There are a lot of pictures here, I picked some that are cute, great photography and some that show Karrick's  feelings. Karrick's smiles are worth their weight in gold. These men got down to Karrick's level when they spoke to him...literally down to his level.

Karrick and FF Tony sitting quietly in the back of the Engine

                                         Karrick was told it was his turn to go up
                                               ff Tony waving me on too...yikes! 

  I shot the skyline from the tower really freaking high up all the way from Lombard

 Karrick loved the headphones, he was able to talk to the other fireman, hear the radio and not the blaring sirens

The firehouse had a training facility on-site. A child and adult dummy were in the house that was set up. We went through it without the fire and smoke machines

Karrick was put to work and felt really important, He learned how to drain the hose then twist them to dry in sun. This house doesn't have the hose tower to hand wet hoses to dry

chillin in the family room watching TV after a hard day. A few men walked to the gas station next store and surprised Karrick with Skittles. We had  lunch with them...blueberry, chocolate chip and/or plain pancakes, bacon, eggs and hash -browns. We left before dinner because TJ had a baseball game and karrick was getting tired. 

Pinning a Honorary firefighter badge on Buttercup
FF Tony drove karrick home from the South Lombard station (we are N Lombard, but our station doesn't have the training facility) they flipped on  lights and sirens coming down our block. I almost cried. I left 1st so I could get Tim and the brothers outside to greet them

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Mel said...

wow!!! This looks like an amazing day all around. What a great set of memories~