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Jun 8, 2012

good friends and I love my camera

The other day Tim and I took Karrick and his buddy R to Sunset Knoll Park that just finished a $400,000 face lift.  Tim and I sat in the grass on a gorgeous sunny day and just watched them play. I don't know the last time we had even an hour free to just sit in a  park! This no travel baseball is pretty cool...to actually relax and enjoy our kids in our beautiful neighborhood is a gift. They say everything happens for a reason...maybe it was just time for us to slow down and enjoy life and each other, before the kids get too old and move on. TJ is going into Junior year...WTF!
It's so easy to wrap ourselves up in our kids sports...after this year, it just doesn't seem so important. I'm not sure TJ really misses it...he is exploring his other interests that he never had time for. 
Karrick and R can hang together for 5-6hrs at a time. They just clicked this year. R is a super athlete...plays a year up in travel baseball and soccer, but on his days off they are inseparable   

 Life size simon game...totally rocks!

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