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Jun 24, 2012

Italy 2012

I applaud my Tim's photography skills on the Colosseum shot below...taken with his cell phone. I just love it

Tim and Callahan spent 10 days in Italy with 10 of Cal's classmates, 2 teacher's and 4 
chaperons (Time being one). They visited Rome, Venice, Florence, Verona, Assisi and Pisa.
At least 10 hrs a day were spent touring with a professional guide. They all wore packs around their neck with a an ear bud in one ear that allowed them to hear every word the guide said. Callahan is still glowing....I had no idea what a great impact this would have on him...even though the teacher said it would.
Tim took over 1200 pictures, but I just grabbed a few from the front of the pack. I will add more here and there.
They have hundreds of stories that I love hearing and watching their faces just light up when re telling.
Here is the group of students. They all bonded and got along wonderfully. The kids bunked together 2-4 to a room depending on the hotel. I thought Tim and Cal would room, but part of the experience is the kids together I was told. Male and female separate of course. My Tim even bunked with another chaperon..I believe the male teacher. Callahan spent a lot of time with Katie the cute blond in the front row 3rd from left teal shirt. Tim said she is darling and quite the spitfire. Her mom was also a chaperon. They are officially going out according to Cal's facebook page. Tim is dropping off, then picking them up from the movies tonight. How quickly my boys grow up

Father and son
 those are the radio packs around their necks

 Tim standing on the gondola's taking a picture of the other chaperon's

I really hope Callahan decides to go on next years trip to Germany, France and Switzerland

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