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Jun 19, 2012

St Joseph's Michigan day 1 Thursday

So, I looked at this shot on my work computer which doesn't have a high resolution screen. Ugh! is all I can say...looks more like a watercolor than a cool ass real photo. Sometimes Facebook butchers photos too. It stinks because I wonder how many people just have a regular screen and aren't seeing  my photos as they really are. If the picture of Karrick below looks like a watercolor or  has distinct sections of color and does not look like a cool photo:

May I suggest a 32 inch flat screen like I have, not necessary unless you are obsessed with photography . As Karrick would say "that is a want...not a need!"

The bokeh across the top of the photo is from a cresting wave 

With Tim and Callahan safely in Italy, TJ, Karrick and myself packed up the cute Audi A4 convertible and drove up to St Joe's MI with the wind blowing through our hair. We spent the afternoon at Silver Beach sunning, swimming, playing in the sand and at the park.

There is this wonderful spray pad for all ages. Oh, and yes the kid eats. It's just what being in the 13% in weight looks like when you are 50 th % in height. He is just a peanut. TJ was almost this thin and look at him now. Karrick has very tiny bones too...one can snap his arm like a twig

At 7:30 pm we met my sister in law, niece and nephew at Silver Beach pizza (right off the beach) to get a table. My brother Jim took the train from downtown Chicago...it pulls into the pizza place/train station. We enjoyed a relaxing dinner before driving up to Jim's cabin about 20 min North

The cabin is amazingly beautiful and pretty much secluded 

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