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Jan 30, 2013

Catching up on Karrick

Karrick is loving his time with the Opera. Everyone- International Opera stars included are so friendly and down to earth...just amazing. Yesterday was the 1 day in costume and they ran through 2 acts. I was able to sit through the second act with the SupraTitles, which is great as I don't speak German

  tiny Karrick needed some last minute elastic suspenders to hold up his high waisted, corset like pants

The final product to play Nachtigall's son


Last Thurday we attended the Premeir of Karrick's film "Coloring".
It was really cute and funny.
It is due to hit the Film festival this spring

We had a family vacation planned to go snowmobling/sking in upper Wisconsin this week. I had to stay back with Karrick due to the Opera. TJ didn't want ot miss school and not a big winter sports person. Tim and Cal went up alone to play with family and friends. His brother rented a 5 bedroom cabin for the month. 
Worked out well because we got to attend Karrick's premeir. There will be more showing's for Tim and Cal to see.

Karrick during the  Q & A session after the movie

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